hair extensionsOne of the freedoms of being a woman is being able to change up your style whenever you please. Considering that there are more than 210,000 hair salons scattered throughout the U.S., the options are endless. While everyone’s reason for changing their hairstyle may be different, 61% of women simply wanted a change. To help you decide on what hair extensions to purchase, here are some things you need to know.

You don’t need extensions to add length
Although most people look to hair extensions in Indianapolis for longer locks, the truth is that extensions can do more than that. In fact, many premiere beauty salons use extensions to make hair fuller without adding length. They can also be used to add highlights and lowlights. In recent years, colored extensions have become increasingly popular for their versatility.

Not all extensions are made the same
When you walk into any hair extension salon, one of the first questions a stylist will ask you is what type of hair you want to use. This is because extensions come in a wide variety, including synthetic, non-Remy, and Remy. The best-recommended designer hair extensions are completely made of Remy Human Hair. It is the highest hair quality in the industry, lasts longer than all others, and gives the most natural appearance.

Regular maintenance is key to longer lasting hair
Just like natural hair, extensions also need regular attention and care. To keep your hair looking its best, wash your hair using only products recommended by you hair stylist. To do this, it is highly recommended you book regular appointments to have your extensions replaced properly. If you do not follow these care tips, you’ll risk your extensions knotting or even falling out.

You can test how the extensions will look before making the change
Many beauty salons that offer hair extension services will tell you that wigs are the best way to test out hair styles before committing to one. You can play with texture, color, and length until you find the right style for you.

Changing your style can do many things, including change how you feel. Of American women who recently changed their hairstyle, 38% did so to boost their confidence. Change up your look for a week or even a weekend with a new style that gives your hair more personality. Once you try it, you’ll want to try more styles.