Hair Extension Misconceptions: 5 Mane Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Hair Extension Misconceptions: 5 Mane Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

premiere beauty salonsMany women feel that long, luxurious locks are a sign of youth and beauty. If a client is too impatient to grow out a short haircut or simply wants to make her style more versatile, hair extensions are typically a great option for adding length and thickness. Since 58% of women say they plan to change their current hairstyle in the near future, some customers will seek out hair extension services for a low-commitment solution. But there are also a lot of myths that surround hair extensions and the premiere beauty salons that provide these services. We’re debunking five of them below.

MYTH: Extensions will damage my hair

Truth: As long as the extensions are high-quality, are applied by qualified stylist at premiere beauty salons, and are cared for properly, hair extensions should not damage your hair. Great Lengths extensions, for example, all have quality certifications that ensure both the materials and methods used won’t result in breakage. Keep in mind that extensions are not for permanent wear; giving your hair a break is important for the health of your tresses. But as long as you seek out a reputable stylist and care for your extensions according to instructions, your hair won’t become weaker or damaged.

MYTH: Hair extensions are just for those who want extremely long hair

Truth: While some clients will go to a hair extension salon for the purpose of getting that mermaid vibe, that’s not the only reason to get extensions — not by a long shot. Extensions can be used to add just a little bit of length when you’re growing out a cut or to obtain extra volume without adding any length at all. They can also be used to add color and dimension. You might think “Rapunzel” when you picture extensions, but they can be used in many more ways than you realize.

MYTH: Extensions are always obvious to the eye

Truth: If a stylist uses poor quality extensions or doesn’t apply them properly, you may be able to clock them from a mile away. But the staff at premiere beauty salons are well-trained and use only the finest extensions available. Done right, you’ll never be able to spot the difference.

MYTH: You can’t style extensions the same way as you do your real hair

Truth: Your stylist should use extensions made of real human hair, rather than synthetic materials. Therefore, you can use the same styling tools (like straighteners and curling irons) as you always do in your daily routine. As long as you don’t pull on your extensions, use a thermal heat spray, and make sure to give your hair a styling break every so often, feel free to style as you normally would.

MYTH: Extensions will keep my own hair from growing

Truth: This one is completely false. Extensions won’t affect your hair growth rate whatsoever. In fact, they’re often the best interim solution for those who want to grow out their hair but don’t have the patience for that annoying in-between stage. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you may need to have the extensions redone to ensure they look natural during this process. But they definitely won’t keep your hair from growing!

Don’t let misinformation about hair extensions keep you from obtaining the look you’ve always wanted. Just make sure that if you do pursue hair extensions, you visit a salon that specializes in extension application. That way, your tresses will always look their best.

Look Good, Feel Good! Why You Should Visit the Hair Salon More Often

Look Good, Feel Good! Why You Should Visit the Hair Salon More Often

brazilian blowoutAre you looking to change up your style or give yourself a luxurious treat? Visiting your hair salon for hair extensions, a Brazilian blowout, or updating your hair coloring can be more than just vanity — it can make a real impact on the way you feel! Whatever the reason for your visit, beauty salons have long been in the business of making you feel glamorous and gorgeous. Who doesn’t love the way their hair feels and looks after leaving the hair salon? Reinventing yourself can always be fun — over 40% of people changed their hairstyle because they were just bored, while others change the way their hair looks to turn over a new leaf or for a confidence boost. If you really want to treat yourself, visit premiere beauty salons. A little splurge for a professional Brazilian blowout instead of DIYing it in your bathroom can make a special occasion feel a little extra special and can boost confidence. Invest in yourself with a trip to the beauty salon.

Change It Up
The average female will get her hair layered, shortened, or colored at least twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65, according to researchers. That’s about 104 times during an average lifespan — and it can often be more! It can be fun and bold to try new hair colors; indeed, the majority of women will try at least three different colors during their lifetime and a quarter will change their hair color five times or more!

There can be a myriad of reasons for a new haircut or style. A quarter of women change their hairstyle in the name of “reinvention” while almost 40% did so for a confidence boost. A little over 15% tried something different to celebrate a milestone birthday or to celebrate giving birth. A breakup or divorce can also prompt a change — almost one-third of women change their hair color or cut afterwards. Over 60% of people say they’ve changed their hair style just for the novelty. However, the majority of women have also had at least one hair style they regret, which is why almost 60% of women say they’d seek out the advice of their hairdresser before going ahead with their planned change.

What Are Some Benefits to Visiting a Hair Salon?
Almost 70% of women say that they feel more attractive after they’ve had their hair freshly colored. Trying something new can often help raise confidence and self-esteem levels or make one feel sexy. It adds a little oomph to the everyday!

For a special occasion like a birthday, wedding, or important work event, getting your hair done specially can make you feel like a million dollars. Whether you opt for a Brazilian blowout or a beautifully elaborate hairdo, you’re sure to feel extra special for the big event.

Visiting a beauty salon can also be an oasis in a stressful or busy schedule. Many salons will pamper you and offer suggestions on how to keep your hair looking great even after you’ve left the salon. It’s time for just you to be pampered — have you ever noticed how relaxing it is to get a shampoo and blowdry in a salon? You may also discover new haircare products that you love or that make a big difference in the way your hair looks that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Professional styling will also last longer, so if you’re doing something more complex, like hair extensions or subtle highlights, you want a professional handling it. You don’t want your hair style to look shoddy or sloppy — and even if you’re an old pro at dying your hair from a box, there’s always that risk that’s eliminated at a good hair salon.

Don’t be afraid to try something new at your hair salon. It can do wonders for the way you feel about yourself and can be a great way to relax after a stressful time. Whether you go for a Brazilian blowout or a trim, let yourself be spoiled at the hair salon!

Want a Brazilian Blowout? Here’s an FAQ to Get You Started

Want a Brazilian Blowout? Here’s an FAQ to Get You Started

professional brazilian blowoutResearchers found the typical female will have her hair layered, shortened, or colored twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65 – or 104 times in her life. With all of the hair treatments available today, there is a lot of misinformation being spread, especially when it comes to a specialized treatment called a Brazilian Blowout. If you’re considering having a professional Brazilian Blowout treatment, here are the answers to some questions you may have about the process.

  1. What kind of look does a Brazilian Blowout create?
    After this treatment, your hair will be totally free of all frizz. You’ll be left with effortlessly manageable locks with significant body and bounce. If you have curly hair, you’ll still have the option to maintain your curls. In essence, the Brazilian Blowout look will enhance any type of hair.
  2. How long does the treatment last?
    With proper maintenance, the Brazilian Blowout can last up to 12 weeks. It’s important to understand that it’s a cumulative treatment, so that the greater number of treatments you get, the healthier your hair will be, and the longer the result will last.
  3. Can a Brazilian Blowout treatment be applied on top of other products?
    A professional Brazilian Blowout service works best on chemically treated hair. It also works to enhance the condition of the hair by strengthening each strand with essential amino acids. Additionally, the treatment can be applied on top of a relaxer — it just needs to be neutralized. Your hair stylist can tell you more about the neutralization process, but it’s very simple. Ultimately, the treatment is ideal for someone who is trying to move away from relaxers and straighteners. It restores the movement of the hair and keeps it looking its best.
  4. What type of hair is ideal to receive a Brazilian Blowout?
    Anybody who has frizzy, processed, or damaged hair is a great candidate for the treatment. It has been performed on every hair type, including on hair that has been permed. With strong communication, a professional stylist, and proper maintenance, nearly everyone can benefit from receiving a professional Brazilian Blowout treatment.

Ultimately, a Brazilian Blowout is a great option for anybody wanting to achieve a new, bold look. For more information about premiere hair salons, contact Splash Hair Salon.

Important Questions to Ask Before Changing Your Natural Hair Coloring

Important Questions to Ask Before Changing Your Natural Hair Coloring

hair coloringDid you know that the majority of women will have an average of three different hair colors of the the course of their lives? It’s one of the most popular forms of personal expression, and one of the easiest to access.

That being said, it’s also not something you should go into without giving it plenty of thought first. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of hair coloring or you’re thinking about making a drastic change to your current hair color, here are a few questions you should be asking before you invest in hair coloring tools.

Should I go to a professional?
The answer to this question is absolutely yes. A DIY box dye might color your hair, but you’re guaranteed to have high-quality products at your disposal when you invest in a professional hair coloring salon service. Not only that, but a hair stylist will have extensive knowledge of color that you might not even think about.

Will hair color damage my natural hair?
If you want to go lighter, you’ll have to pull the dark color out of your hair. The bleaching process will damage your hair, but stylists at hair salons will do all they can to make the damage minimal. Going darker, however, won’t have as much of an effect on your natural hair, as none of the original color needs to be lifted out.

Should I go permanent or demi-permanent?
If you want to test out a darker color before committing completely, demi-permanent is a great way to go. Demi-permanent hair color will last anywhere from 12 to 26 washes, so it’s an excellent method of “sampling” a hair color. It will fade naturally from your hair as you continue to wash it, whereas permanent hair color will stay until your roots come back in.

Will I need to change my hair care routine?
Most likely, yes. Coloring your hair, while a nice way to express yourself, also dries out your hair and requires a bit of extra TLC for intense colors like red.

No matter what hair color you choose, if you ask yourself these questions you should be just fine.

Easy and Simple Hacks to Make Your Hair Shine This Winter

Easy and Simple Hacks to Make Your Hair Shine This Winter

hair coloringFor many women (and men!), hair is an integral part of their look. A good hair day has the ability to transform someone’s confidence, and changing up a hairstyle is a great way to feel reinvented. However, the cold and dry winter season can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving you with lackluster, brittle hair that you want to hide. In order to keep your mane healthy this winter, follow these easy hacks.

Stay away from shampoo

We all know that shampoo isn’t the best thing for your hair, and it can be especially stripping in the cold weather. If you can’t give up your lathering routine, swap out shampoo for only conditioner every other time you wash.

Get out of the heat

As comforting as it may be to blow dry your hair on a chilly morning, do everything possible to stay away from any and all heat styling products. However, be diligent not to leave the house with wet hair as in sub-freezing temperatures your hair can actually freeze solid and break off! If you need to use a hot tool, don’t forget to invest in a trusty heat protectant spray.

Hair coloring

As much as you love your professional hair coloring, it can be quite drying on your hair. Consider going a few extra weeks between colors to really let your hair shine, as this will give it time to reseal the cuticle. If you do want to change your hairdo, look to see if your local beauty salons offer hair extensions. Not only are they chemical-free, they will give you a whole new look in just a few hours.

Keep the static at bay

Sick of hair that can’t seem to handle itself during the wintertime? Little did you know that an easy fix to wintertime static is most likely already in your home — dryer sheets! A quick swipe of an unscented sheet will calm all your staticky woes.

A good 58% of women admit they are planning to change their current style in the near future, so come on down and our professionals will fix your winter hair in no time!

You Need to be Asking Your Hair Stylist These Important Questions

You Need to be Asking Your Hair Stylist These Important Questions

indianapolis hair salonsApproximately 56% of women say that they would ask for their hair stylist’s advice before taking the plunge into a new cut, hair style, or color. But when you actually sit down in the chair at your appointment, it’s easy to leave out some important questions. Usually, when a woman researches new Indianapolis hair salons, it’s because she’s had a bad experience with her old stylist, and a lack of communication is often the problem.

It’s nice to make small talk (or gossip) with your hair stylist, but don’t forget the reason you’re there: hair care. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your hair appointments, here are some important questions you should be asking before any major style change.

Will I Need New Shampoo and Conditioner With My New Haircut or Color?
Different hair types require different shampoos and conditioners. If you want your hair to look its best naturally, then this is a question for your hair stylist during your next hair coloring appointment. Stylists are trained to know different hair types, and their advice is priceless.

Can I Easily Recreate This Look At Home?
If you want to look like you just stepped out of a salon every day, you’d have to go to Indianapolis hair salons every day. A hair stylist can show you how to style your hair while making the most out of your natural texture. Before you leave, make sure you understand what you need to do to maintain your new look, including specific hair products or techniques.

Does This Look Match the Frame of My Face?
Before you get that crazy new style, you should see if it can be modified to better fit the shape of your face. In order to get the most effective hair style, you should talk to your stylist about your face shape, the texture of your hair, and what kind of maintenance you’re looking to perform on a daily basis.

Will Hair Extensions Work For Me?
Extensions aren’t for everyone. Before you go looking for beauty salons that offer hair extension services, you should ask a stylist you trust if extensions are right for your look. If you have a delicate scalp, you may not want extensions.

What Is an Ideal Washing Schedule?
Again, this strongly depends on the type of hair you have. Once your stylist has assessed your hair, ask what an ideal washing schedule looks like. For some people, washing every other day works. For others, washing twice a week is all it takes. It all depends on your hair!

Whatever you do, don’t discount the importance of hair advice from the best Indianapolis hair salons. After all, it is our specialty!

Want to Color Your Hair? Here are Some Tips to Keep in Mind

Want to Color Your Hair? Here are Some Tips to Keep in Mind

hair coloringAs the seasons change, many women decide to color their hair. When asked, 69% of women said they feel more attractive after visiting a professional hair coloring salon, which isn’t a surprise, as many women go to the salon just for a change. Hair coloring is a full-time accessory that can help you liven up your look if you’re starting to feel a little bland.

When choosing a hair color, many women will expect exact results, just like they see in a magazine or online. The reality is, however, that everybody’s different — and so everyone’s hair color will look different. To get an ideal hair color, there are lots of things to take into consideration:

Natural hair color
If you’re a brunette, it’s impossible to go to platinum blonde in one sitting. While artificial hair color will be more saturated when applied to lighter hair colors, don’t rule out a dramatic change just because you have darker hair. Dark hair can be treated with a lightener, which pulls the color out of your natural hair. To go for a natural look that gradually becomes more dramatic, consider ombre or balayage. These techniques can give you immediate results that you can play with as you go.

Skin tone
While we know that skin colors vary across individuals, the undertones in our skin can give us warmer or cooler looks. Cool-toned skin has pink or green undertones, while warm-toned skin will have more reds or golds. If you have a combination of these colors, you’re probably a neutral, which means that you can go either way when you color your hair.

As a rule of thumb, cool skin tones look best with warmer hair colors and vice versa. This prevents an individual from looking completely washed out.

Those with neutral toned skin can go either way, but try playing around with both high and low-lights to give some variety.

Hues and shades
There are many different shades of blonde hair, and the same goes for brown, red, and even black. If you’re considering hair coloring, you can’t just tell your stylist “make me a blonde!” Specify how light or dark you want it, or even bring in a picture. There’s a difference between jet black and a dark blue-black. Don’t be afraid to talk to stylists from local beauty salons to see what they think would look best on you.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always see a professional when you decide to color your hair. Professional stylists have the training and right products to make sure that you are satisfied with your hair by the end of your treatment.

The experts at Splash Hair Salon can customize the perfect color to flatter any customer.

Why Do People Wear Hair Extensions?

Why Do People Wear Hair Extensions?

hair extension serviceHair extensions are common cosmetic choices for many people, but wouldn’t it be easier to just grow out your natural hair then sit and have extension pieces applied routinely? For many, the answer is a hard no.

While many simply like the look of long hair extensions, there are lots of reasons why both men and women choose to wear them over their natural hair.

  1. Lots of people do not like the look of their natural hair. It may be dull, flat, naturally thin, or just in need of a little boost. Some people simply cannot grow their hair out to a certain length, and it’s as simple as that. Undergoing hair extension services is an easy way to alter the appearance of your natural hair to make it seem fuller and more voluminous.
  2. Those who go to the salon for frequent hair coloring or chemical treatments are subject to extensive hair damage over time. By overworking your hair with these constant color or straightening treatments, the damage becomes more noticeable and harder to correct. Hair extensions are a great way to achieve the same look that you may have desired, but give your hair a break from harsh treatments.
  3. Many people enjoy the variety of possibilities that come with hair extensions. One quarter of hair salon clients have changed their hair to “reinvent” themselves and try something new. Hair salons are able to change your look month by month depending on your mood or personality. You could have long, sleek locks one day and fun, flirty curls the next. You could also experiment with different colors without committing to dyeing your natural hair. This is good for one-time events that make you want to experiment with a new look. Hair extensions could also serve as a trial run for a more permanent look that you might want in the future.
  4. Hair loss is an unfortunate fact of life for many people. Balding and thinning hair can cause severe self esteem problems for men and women alike, but can be fixed with hair extension services. Beauty salons want to make you feel good about the way you look, so if you’re unsatisfied with your thinning head of hair, they can give you a new one that looks totally natural. No one will even know.
  5. Some medical treatments can also cause hair loss. Chemotherapy can cause hair loss in cancer patients that otherwise would not have lost their hair so early. Hats and scarves are not the only ways to cover up medically-induced hair loss. Weaves are another great way to reclaim confidence and beauty for many cancer and alopecia victims.

Splash Hair Salon is a premiere Indianapolis beauty salon that offers hair extension services for all sorts of clients. While they are much healthier than chemical treatments, know that extensions can cause hair damage if not cared for properly. Always pay attention to the care instructions given to you by your stylist.

If you’re ready to create your new look, give us a call to set up an appointment!

What is a Brazilian Blowout and Should I Get One?

What is a Brazilian Blowout and Should I Get One?

professional brazilian blowoutIs your hair thick, frizzy, and hard to manage? Is it damaged? Highly processed? If so, you might be a candidate for a Brazilian Blowout, a method of chemical hair straightening or smoothing that leaves hair feeling rejuvenated and silky soft.

Professional Brazilian Blowout services are almost impossible to find in many places. In fact, of the 210,000 U.S. hair salons operating today, only a select amount are certified to perform Brazilian Blowouts.

The average woman will experiment with hair colors about three times in her life, and about three quarters of women have regretted at least one hairstyle choice. For those who have overdone it with dye, perms, or hot iron straightening in the past, Brazilian Blowouts are a great way to revive the hair and make it look natural again.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to expect during a Brazilian Blowout:

  1. The stylist will assess the status of your hair and determine the result you wish to achieve. Many women say that they would ask the opinion of the stylist before asking for a service, and rest assured, if you are not a good candidate for the Brazilian, you will be told so. Normally, if your hair is mostly straight or wavy, you will end up with a sleek, smooth look. If you have curly hair, your curls will remain intact, but they will no longer be frizzy. Your hair will be smoother with better defined curls.
  2. Anti-residue professional shampoo will be applied to your hair to achieve the best smoothing results.
  3. The stylist will towel dry your hair and section it off before applying the Brazilian Blowout solution, root to tip. Your hair will not become saturated, but just dusted with a chemical solution.
  4. Your hair will then be blow-dried and brushed as straight as possible with a round brush.
  5. A hot flat-iron is then used to make sure that the solution seals into your hair.
  6. Your hair will be rinsed with water and a special masque will be distributed throughout it to seal in the treatment even more, then rinsed again.

The entire professional Brazilian Blowout Service takes about an hour and a half to complete. Afterwards you will be left with smooth hair that will last about 12 weeks. Immediately after treatment, you will be able to wash your hair, work out, or put it in a ponytail without reversing the effects of the treatment.

4 Tips for Choosing Hair Extensions

4 Tips for Choosing Hair Extensions

hair extensionsOne of the freedoms of being a woman is being able to change up your style whenever you please. Considering that there are more than 210,000 hair salons scattered throughout the U.S., the options are endless. While everyone’s reason for changing their hairstyle may be different, 61% of women simply wanted a change. To help you decide on what hair extensions to purchase, here are some things you need to know.

You don’t need extensions to add length
Although most people look to hair extensions in Indianapolis for longer locks, the truth is that extensions can do more than that. In fact, many premiere beauty salons use extensions to make hair fuller without adding length. They can also be used to add highlights and lowlights. In recent years, colored extensions have become increasingly popular for their versatility.

Not all extensions are made the same
When you walk into any hair extension salon, one of the first questions a stylist will ask you is what type of hair you want to use. This is because extensions come in a wide variety, including synthetic, non-Remy, and Remy. The best-recommended designer hair extensions are completely made of Remy Human Hair. It is the highest hair quality in the industry, lasts longer than all others, and gives the most natural appearance.

Regular maintenance is key to longer lasting hair
Just like natural hair, extensions also need regular attention and care. To keep your hair looking its best, wash your hair using only products recommended by you hair stylist. To do this, it is highly recommended you book regular appointments to have your extensions replaced properly. If you do not follow these care tips, you’ll risk your extensions knotting or even falling out.

You can test how the extensions will look before making the change
Many beauty salons that offer hair extension services will tell you that wigs are the best way to test out hair styles before committing to one. You can play with texture, color, and length until you find the right style for you.

Changing your style can do many things, including change how you feel. Of American women who recently changed their hairstyle, 38% did so to boost their confidence. Change up your look for a week or even a weekend with a new style that gives your hair more personality. Once you try it, you’ll want to try more styles.