Why Do People Wear Hair Extensions?

Why Do People Wear Hair Extensions?

hair extension serviceHair extensions are common cosmetic choices for many people, but wouldn’t it be easier to just grow out your natural hair then sit and have extension pieces applied routinely? For many, the answer is a hard no.

While many simply like the look of long hair extensions, there are lots of reasons why both men and women choose to wear them over their natural hair.

  1. Lots of people do not like the look of their natural hair. It may be dull, flat, naturally thin, or just in need of a little boost. Some people simply cannot grow their hair out to a certain length, and it’s as simple as that. Undergoing hair extension services is an easy way to alter the appearance of your natural hair to make it seem fuller and more voluminous.
  2. Those who go to the salon for frequent hair coloring or chemical treatments are subject to extensive hair damage over time. By overworking your hair with these constant color or straightening treatments, the damage becomes more noticeable and harder to correct. Hair extensions are a great way to achieve the same look that you may have desired, but give your hair a break from harsh treatments.
  3. Many people enjoy the variety of possibilities that come with hair extensions. One quarter of hair salon clients have changed their hair to “reinvent” themselves and try something new. Hair salons are able to change your look month by month depending on your mood or personality. You could have long, sleek locks one day and fun, flirty curls the next. You could also experiment with different colors without committing to dyeing your natural hair. This is good for one-time events that make you want to experiment with a new look. Hair extensions could also serve as a trial run for a more permanent look that you might want in the future.
  4. Hair loss is an unfortunate fact of life for many people. Balding and thinning hair can cause severe self esteem problems for men and women alike, but can be fixed with hair extension services. Beauty salons want to make you feel good about the way you look, so if you’re unsatisfied with your thinning head of hair, they can give you a new one that looks totally natural. No one will even know.
  5. Some medical treatments can also cause hair loss. Chemotherapy can cause hair loss in cancer patients that otherwise would not have lost their hair so early. Hats and scarves are not the only ways to cover up medically-induced hair loss. Weaves are another great way to reclaim confidence and beauty for many cancer and alopecia victims.

Splash Hair Salon is a premiere Indianapolis beauty salon that offers hair extension services for all sorts of clients. While they are much healthier than chemical treatments, know that extensions can cause hair damage if not cared for properly. Always pay attention to the care instructions given to you by your stylist.

If you’re ready to create your new look, give us a call to set up an appointment!

What is a Brazilian Blowout and Should I Get One?

What is a Brazilian Blowout and Should I Get One?

professional brazilian blowoutIs your hair thick, frizzy, and hard to manage? Is it damaged? Highly processed? If so, you might be a candidate for a Brazilian Blowout, a method of chemical hair straightening or smoothing that leaves hair feeling rejuvenated and silky soft.

Professional Brazilian Blowout services are almost impossible to find in many places. In fact, of the 210,000 U.S. hair salons operating today, only a select amount are certified to perform Brazilian Blowouts.

The average woman will experiment with hair colors about three times in her life, and about three quarters of women have regretted at least one hairstyle choice. For those who have overdone it with dye, perms, or hot iron straightening in the past, Brazilian Blowouts are a great way to revive the hair and make it look natural again.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to expect during a Brazilian Blowout:

  1. The stylist will assess the status of your hair and determine the result you wish to achieve. Many women say that they would ask the opinion of the stylist before asking for a service, and rest assured, if you are not a good candidate for the Brazilian, you will be told so. Normally, if your hair is mostly straight or wavy, you will end up with a sleek, smooth look. If you have curly hair, your curls will remain intact, but they will no longer be frizzy. Your hair will be smoother with better defined curls.
  2. Anti-residue professional shampoo will be applied to your hair to achieve the best smoothing results.
  3. The stylist will towel dry your hair and section it off before applying the Brazilian Blowout solution, root to tip. Your hair will not become saturated, but just dusted with a chemical solution.
  4. Your hair will then be blow-dried and brushed as straight as possible with a round brush.
  5. A hot flat-iron is then used to make sure that the solution seals into your hair.
  6. Your hair will be rinsed with water and a special masque will be distributed throughout it to seal in the treatment even more, then rinsed again.

The entire professional Brazilian Blowout Service takes about an hour and a half to complete. Afterwards you will be left with smooth hair that will last about 12 weeks. Immediately after treatment, you will be able to wash your hair, work out, or put it in a ponytail without reversing the effects of the treatment.

4 Tips for Choosing Hair Extensions

4 Tips for Choosing Hair Extensions

hair extensionsOne of the freedoms of being a woman is being able to change up your style whenever you please. Considering that there are more than 210,000 hair salons scattered throughout the U.S., the options are endless. While everyone’s reason for changing their hairstyle may be different, 61% of women simply wanted a change. To help you decide on what hair extensions to purchase, here are some things you need to know.

You don’t need extensions to add length
Although most people look to hair extensions in Indianapolis for longer locks, the truth is that extensions can do more than that. In fact, many premiere beauty salons use extensions to make hair fuller without adding length. They can also be used to add highlights and lowlights. In recent years, colored extensions have become increasingly popular for their versatility.

Not all extensions are made the same
When you walk into any hair extension salon, one of the first questions a stylist will ask you is what type of hair you want to use. This is because extensions come in a wide variety, including synthetic, non-Remy, and Remy. The best-recommended designer hair extensions are completely made of Remy Human Hair. It is the highest hair quality in the industry, lasts longer than all others, and gives the most natural appearance.

Regular maintenance is key to longer lasting hair
Just like natural hair, extensions also need regular attention and care. To keep your hair looking its best, wash your hair using only products recommended by you hair stylist. To do this, it is highly recommended you book regular appointments to have your extensions replaced properly. If you do not follow these care tips, you’ll risk your extensions knotting or even falling out.

You can test how the extensions will look before making the change
Many beauty salons that offer hair extension services will tell you that wigs are the best way to test out hair styles before committing to one. You can play with texture, color, and length until you find the right style for you.

Changing your style can do many things, including change how you feel. Of American women who recently changed their hairstyle, 38% did so to boost their confidence. Change up your look for a week or even a weekend with a new style that gives your hair more personality. Once you try it, you’ll want to try more styles.

4 Reasons to Love Yourself More By Changing Your Hair

4 Reasons to Love Yourself More By Changing Your Hair

wedding beauty salonsJune is wedding season and if your big day is coming up, you’re probably right in the middle of searching for makeup artists or wedding beauty salons — to make absolutely sure you will look fabulous as you take to the aisle and the dance floor. Although we know your soulmate loves you just the way you are, you probably want to look extra-special. After all, all eyes — and cameras — will be on you! Splash Hair Salon is here to give you a few good reasons why you should consider changing your look.

Change is Good; Embrace It
One thing we all have to accept is that change is going to happen. Often times, many of us refuse to change the things around us for the sake of comfort, but sometimes it’s good to shake things up a bit. One of the best places to start is with our hair. In fact, the average woman will change her hair around 104 times during her lifetime. The good thing about a new haircut, style or color is that it’s never permanent! Hair will grow out, so you’re never stuck with an unflattering ‘do.

Boost Your Confidence
Hair influences our mood, self-esteem and the way we project ourselves even more than we may realize, and our confidence can suffer if we do not feel that our hair looks as fabulous as it should. For this reason, it is important to find a look that celebrates and enhances our best features while boosting our self-confidence at the same time.

Adjust Your Style to Your Age
As we age, we often pay more attention to our bodies than our hair. What may have looked good in our early twenties may not look so great on a fuller, more mature face. It is important to be aware of the changes that happen on our faces and find styles that both complement us and stay on trend.

Transform Your Image
Women change their hairstyles for a number of reasons. Studies show that 25% of women do so in order to “reinvent” themselves. These transformations occur in beauty salons in Indianapolis and around the country each day. So much so that wedding beauty salons in Indianapolis offer the popular Brazilian blowout service at a discounted rate for those looking to debut a new look.

Sometimes, a recent breakup can be the perfect reason to transform your image. Breakups are the reason for one-third of style changes for most women who visit hair salons to transform their current look. Show your ex what they’re missing with a Brazilian blowout or gorgeous new color.

Wedding beauty salons in Indianapolis, like Splash Hair Salon, offer a wide range of options to choose from for making you look your best on your special day. From cut to color, we have the ability to enhance your beauty to boost your confidence, match your style with your age, and help you to embrace change.

How to Make the Most of Your Bridal Hairstyle

How to Make the Most of Your Bridal Hairstyle

wedding beauty salonOne of the most important things to a bride on her weddings day is having the right dress followed by the perfect hairstyle. Since it is already the bride’s special day, it is important for her to stand out as well as look and feel her very best. For this reason, the United States has over 210,000 beauty salons to make her feel like the queen she already is.

With wedding season just around the corner, brides all over the country will be visiting wedding beauty salons to test the latest hair trends, including Brazilian blowout services and more to find the perfect look. To help you decide on a look to bring on your trip to wedding beauty salons in Indianapolis, here are some tips for making the most out of your style.

Add textures and waves to either your hair or the bridesmaids to create a casual, carefree look. Loose, textured waves with some pieces pinned up or even a twisted braid is a great alternative to the traditional updo. This style also compliments ethereal-style dresses giving them a more feminine appeal.

Add some color and personality with accessories. Flower accents are a great way to add a romantic twist on a classic bridal style. Mix something old with something new with this modern touch on a timeless style.

Skip the complicated styles and stick to something more simple. It has been said that simple is the new luxury and this is true for the current trends in bridal hair. We are moving back to more classic styles like the French twist with a modern flare. Now, brides can be seen sporting messy, soft French twists that are still elegant and timeless.

Many brides are choosing to match their hairstyles to the theme of their wedding. Styles that reflect the dress, the venue, and the overall joy of the event are currently trending in the bridal world today. If your theme is purple and gold, add some purple and gold accents to your style and tie everything together.

Hair is important to just about any woman, whether they admit it or not. Whether they are looking to try something new or celebrating an occasion, 58% of women plan on changing their current hairstyle at some point in the future. In fact, 25% of women change their hair in order to “reinvent” themselves. Connect with wedding beauty salons in Indianapolis to help enhance the beauty you already have and remind him why you chose him.

Thinking of Changing Your Hair? Let Us Guide You

Thinking of Changing Your Hair? Let Us Guide You

beauty salonsIt’s no secret that we all want to look our best. For many women, having great hair is important. It’s one of the first things people notice when they see you. It’s how many women choose to express themselves with different styles and colors. For these reasons, it’s no wonder the beauty industry is so profitable.

Researchers found that 25% of women change the shade of their hair at least five times while most experiment with three different colors over a period of years. With more than 210,000 beauty salons in the U.S. alone, finding the right salon for you can be nothing short of stressful. Finding hair salons that are staffed with professionals to complete the look you desire can be difficult for many reasons. Not only must a stylist be able to style your hair, but they must connect with you enough to establish a strong relationship. The stylist must also be able to work with your hair’s texture as not all stylists have experience with different hair types. Luckily, there are plenty of beauty salons in Indianapolis that cater to all hair types.

Every woman has her own reason for switching up her look. For some, a new hair style or color can make them feel more confident. A recent study shows that 44% of women were bored and decided to change their style while 25% did it to “reinvent” themselves. Just about a third stated changing their look as a result of a breakup or divorce. Events like weddings are also popular reasons women find themselves in Indianapolis hair salons and all over the country.

Trends in the beauty industry also motivate many women to visit their local beauty salons. One popular trend among women is the Brazilian blowout. Not every salon offers this service as it is very particular and uses non-traditional techniques for straightening hair. Nevertheless, you can be sure to find some of the best salons for a Brazilian blowout Indianapolis has to offer.

Whether you’re bored of your current look, getting over a recent breakup or preparing for upcoming nuptials, Indianapolis is full of hair salons to fit your needs. The first step is booking an appointment.

Top Reasons Women Are Going to the Salon — You Might Be Surprised By a Few of Them!

Top Reasons Women Are Going to the Salon — You Might Be Surprised By a Few of Them!

indianapolis hair salonsIndianapolis hair salons, and indeed hair salons all over the country, see women come in for all sorts of reasons. What motivating factors are driving women to visit their salon? Below are some of the most cited reasons why the ladies are having cosmetic work done. Note that these trends account for more than just Indianapolis hair salons, and encompass survey responses from all over the country. When finding a makeup artist, Indianapolis residents can typically expect similar answers.

  • Beauty salons report that 58% of women surveyed admitted they were planning on changing their hairstyle in the near future as a matter of regularity. In other words — because it’s overdue!
  • Around 56% of women claimed they prefer to seek the advice of their hairdresser or cosmetologist about an idea they have pertaining to their appearance.
  • One of the most interesting reasons on the list is this — 44% of women changed their hairstyle or color at least once in their lives out of sheer boredom.
  • Reinventing oneself was found to be a popular motivator, as over 25% of women surveyed claimed that this was something that brought them into the salon at least once in their lives.
  • 50% of surveyed women who visit salons will go at least once per month for regular upkeep on their looks. The amount of money spent on services and treatments increased 14% or so when this trend first started to really catch on around 2007. Compare this to Spanish women, where the typical cost of a visit to the spa or salon is close to $200 a pop.
  • Also in 2007, the amount of facials, massages, and manicures and pedicures increased by 50%, 38%, and 28% respectively, making them huge favorites for the ladies.
  • About 38% of surveyed women claimed that they wanted to feel more confident about their appearance and feel more attractive to the opposite sex.

Whatever the reason, women love going to the salon. Whether it’s to feel more confident, reinvent themselves, or simply because they’re bored, there’s always time for a trip to the salon. Beauty salons in Indianapolis won’t judge you for stopping by out of boredom! Feel free to share your reasons for visiting yourself!

Women and Their Hairstyles – By the Numbers!

Women and Their Hairstyles – By the Numbers!

beauty salonsThe ladies in our lives like to have fun with their hair. It’s just a matter of fact. From frequent style changes to color changes to all out transformations, women are notorious for taking great care of their hair and wearing beautiful, vibrant hair styles.

Recent studies seek to understand what makes some women want to change their hairstyles so often. As it turns out, there really isn’t one solid reason for it. There are a ton of them.

Below are some fast facts on the subject. Keep in mind that multiple women were asked multiple questions, so these percentages are not necessarily going to add up to a total of 100%, but rather reflect how many women gave a certain answer out of the total amount. So, by the numbers, what are women’s biggest reasons for heading to the beauty salons in droves? The results of the Makeup Artist Indianapolis survey are below.

  1. 61% of women stated that they have, at least once, changed their hairstyle simple because they felt it was time for a change.
  2. 25% of women stated that they have changed their hairstyle in order to reinvent their look.
  3. 38% of women changed their hairstyle at some point in order to feel more confident in their appearance.
  4. 44% of women have changed their hairstyle at least once purely because they were bored.
  5. Around 75% of women claim that they have regretted one of their hairstyles.
  6. 58% of these women said that they were planning on changing their hair color or style in the near future.
  7. 69% of women have claimed that they feel more attractive after having a style change.

Some of those numbers may seem a little shocking. The statistic about how many women have altered their hairstyle based on boredom alone may be a particularly shocking realization for many. It’s true though!

If you are in the Indianapolis area or have spent your fair share of time inside of Indianapolis hair salons, these statistics are probably a little less harrowing. Beauty salons in Indianapolis are particularly busy most of the time — the ladies there love their hair styles!

Commonly Asked Questions: Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Commonly Asked Questions: Great Lengths Hair Extensions


Splash Hair Salon has been offering Great Lengths Fusion Hair Extensions for over 14 years. Our Master Stylist, Jacqueline Belus, studied in New York’s Great Lengths  Academy along side some of the top stylists in the nation. Over the years, Jacqueline has developed a technique that guarantees each guest a natural and flawless end result. Are you interested in Hair Extensions but have a lot of questions. Well, refer below for some commonly asked questions regarding the hair extension process.

1. Does Splash Salon offer hair extension consultations? If so, how much does a consultaiton cost?

-At Splash Salon we recommend coming in for a Hair Extension Consultation prior to scheduling the appointment. This gives the Designer the opportunity to figure out what your needs and wants are as a client , so that together we can have a positive extension experience. The cost of a consultation is free.

2. What kind of extensions are Great Lengths Hair Extensions?

-Great Lengths Extensions are Fusion based extensions. The bond is made up of a protein that is found in natural hair, giving it a gentle but effective hold on the hair.

3. What does the extension process entail?

-The designer customizes the Hair Extension process by strategically placing each extension to match your natural hair’s color, density and overall style.  The concept originates from the textile industry taking inspiration from the heat transfer system which bonded fabric to fabric on a molecular level; this was an attractive idea for Great Lengths who then started testing possibilities. Eventually it was adapted into creating and patenting a method that molecularly bonded extensions to natural hair aiming to an extremely resistant but gentle attachmen

4. Will the Extension Process damage my natural hair?

-As long as you are practicing the appropriate home care system, there should be no damaging results to your natural hair.

5. How long do these types of Hair Extensions normally last?

-With the appropriate home care system, they typically last about 3-6 months

6. Is the hair reusable?

-Great Lengths Hair Extensions are not a reusable type of extension.

7. How much do Great Lengths Extensions cost?

-Typically, the prices starts out at $300 and goes up from there. There are many factors that help determine the exact price of Great Lengths Fusion Extensions. We must first determine your needs as a guest and from there we can give you an accurate price range. We recommend coming in for a complimentary consultation to determine those needs.

8. Does the Salon provide the hair or do I need to order the hair separate?

-We partner with a Great Lengths manufacturer and we will ALWAYS provide the hair. The cost of the hair is included in the total cost for extensions. We typically will not agree to install bonded hair extensions that are provided by the guest because we want to make sure we are giving our guest a quality experience. This quality is only guaranteed by the use of Certified Great Lengths extensions provided by our salon.

9. Are you able to match hair color if there is a lot of dimension?

-With over 14 years of experience behind her and a master certification in Great Lengths Extensions, our Designer is more than capable of creating a unity between your natural hair and the extensions, regardless of your hair color. She has the mastered the concept of extension placement, to give you a natural looking end result. Our goal is to make people believe your hair grew over night.

10. Are there any styling limitations once the extensions have been installed?

-Great Lengths extensions are made of human hair. You can brush, wash, style and even cut the extension hair as if it were your own. You do want to avoid putting any heat near or around the bond of the extension.

11. Once the extensions have been installed, am I still able to color my hair?

-Yes, you can continue to color your hair as needed. Bleach must not be applied directly to the extension bond. We typically recommend that you continue to come into our Salon for your hair color, so that we can maintain the longevity of your hair extensions.

12. Once I have my consultation and decide that I would like to move forward with the process, how soon can the extensions installed?

-Once we have determined your needs as a hair extensions candidate, we will give you a price that includes the cost of hair as well as the application. From there, we require a deposit to schedule the installation appointment so that we can order your hair. The hair can arrive as early as the next day.




Splash Salon Shoots With Toxicc Photography

Splash Salon Shoots With Toxicc Photography

An important part of working as a Professional Hair Designer is being able to showcase our creativity. With the help of our amazing Photographer, Toxicc Photography by Rebecca Collier Mason, we were able to create some amazing images. Every quarter each Designer is given the opportunity to work with a local model for a personalized concept photo shoot. We always have fun when we get the opportunity to create whatever we want. Check out just a few of our favorite photographs…  Tell us what you think, please take the time to like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We LOVE to hear from our guests <3

Styling/Make Up By Anecia Calma
Styling/Make Up By Anecia Calma
Styling/Color By Jacqueline Belus Make Up By Anecia Calma
Styling/Color By Jacqueline Belus Make Up By Anecia Calma
Styling/Make Up By Nicole Walker
Styling/Make Up By Nicole Walker