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Jacqueline Belus

(Owner/Master Colorist & Extension Specialist)

Jacqueline is one of the city’s most sought out color and hair extension specialists. With thirty plus years of experience behind her, Jacqueline is confident when it comes to catering looks specifically designed for her client’s hair texture, face shape and lifestyle.

She received a top of the line education during her travels through Europe. These experiences in Europe allowed her the opportunity to master European Styles of Cutting as well as advanced color techniques. Jacqueline has also received her master’s in extensions while studying in New York, with Great Length’s Hair Extensions.

The beauty industry has shown her that one’s perception is their reality. Her priority is to bring your perception to life and make it your reality, so that you can walk out feeling and looking your best.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


Anecia Calma

(Salon Manager/Make-up Artist/Bridal Consultant)

Naturally progressive in her personal style, Anecia enjoys bringing out the influence of culture and taste in the designs she creates for her guests. She understands that each guest has their own idea of what functions best for them. Anecia believes in valuing this vision and adding her own artistic originality to create a total transformation.

As a make up artist and hair designer from California now living in the Midwest, Anecia has developed the required skills to cater to a variety of personalities. She enjoys observing these personalities come to life as she has the pleasure of altering not only their appearance but both their physical and emotional state of being.

From experience, Anecia has realized that there is no better feeling than knowing that you are confidently the best version of yourself. She’s learned that most people do not know what they are capable of until someone shows them. For her the ultimate reward is being able to be the person who reveals these abilities to her many guests.


Loren DeVol


Loren holds a high standard of color placement and blending to ensure that each stroke of her hair color brush has purpose. Loren is a very calculated hair stylist. Everything that she does has a rhythm and rhyme to it. Each foil and every snip of hair has its purpose, which is to create a uniform design that is flattering for the guest.

Loren believes a hair color or cut should not only be complimentary but also functional. Loren is certain that her in depth consultations are the cornerstone to her success as a professional hair designer. With a quiet presence, Loren has picked up a listen and observe quality that most hair designers do not fully grasp. She relies heavily on those talents to help her understand each guest as an individual.

Alongside her communication skills, Loren’s technical strength comes from her ability to work with a blend of multi-dimensional shades. She enjoys tackling hair color corrections and color transitions. So whether you’re looking to make a drastic change or a subtle adjustment, Loren is the hair designer for you.


Nicole Walker

(Designer/Make-up Artist)

Nicole loves encouraging her guests to take risks that will reward them with a renewed sense of identity. Yet, she’s equally skilled at creating exceptionally beautiful and natural looking hair color for the guests who prefer a more traditional approach.

Driven by her passion for education, Nicole’s strength comes from her knowledge and understanding of professional hair dressing. This allows her to confidently take risks and make the impossible, possible. Every day she pushes herself to be a better Designer. She has spent much time perfecting her various hair extension and balyage techniques. Nicole believes strongly in the importance of being able to create a variety of beauty options for her guests.

Nicole takes much pleasure from being able to add some vibrancy to the lives of her clients. Whether through conversation or technique, Nicole is sure to brighten up the way you feel when you walk out of Splash Hair Salon.


Michael Roddy


Michael relies on the classic approach in everything he does… Individual care and attention will create success for both you and your guest. By giving each guest the VIP treatment, Michael is able to not only soothe them, but give them beautiful hair in the process.

Many of our guests refer to Michael as Magic Mike because of his ability to home in on what their problems are and give them a solution so that they can feel great about their hair. He has a way of setting the tone so that his guests can feel comfortable and relaxed. Michael wants you to be able to just enjoy the Splash Salon Experience and walk out feeling your best.


Kristin Reigelsperger


With an outgoing personality and electric smile, Kirstin naturally embodies an enthusiastic hair stylist. She has a knack for drawing guests in and connecting with them on a personal level. She enjoys getting to know her guests and becoming not just their hair designer, but their friend.

Living as a beige blonde herself, its safe to say Kirstin has perfected the application and maintenance of blonde hair. She recognizes that maintaining your hair color and style at home is just important as achieving your desired look. She enjoys utilizing various color and highlighting techniques to create dimension and reflection. For her, it’s most important that her clients know what their options are. Kirstin loves to push her clients to try out new looks and trends without taking away from their individuality.


Martha Yalew


From classic bobs to long layered natural hair, Martha delivers stunning end results. Martha trained directly under owner and Color Specialist, Jacqueline Belus. Through that training, she has gained the knowledge and confidence to be able to create a customized look to match not only your personality, but your overall lifestyle. Her cultural background allows her to have an immense knowledge on a variety of styling techniques. She enjoys working with a diverse group of hair textures and feels that it is important to not limit yourself as a stylist. These ideals have led her to have a diverse clientele following.

“Learn to say NO to the good, so that you can say YES to the best” –John C Maxwell

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