hair coloringFor many women (and men!), hair is an integral part of their look. A good hair day has the ability to transform someone’s confidence, and changing up a hairstyle is a great way to feel reinvented. However, the cold and dry winter season can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving you with lackluster, brittle hair that you want to hide. In order to keep your mane healthy this winter, follow these easy hacks.

Stay away from shampoo

We all know that shampoo isn’t the best thing for your hair, and it can be especially stripping in the cold weather. If you can’t give up your lathering routine, swap out shampoo for only conditioner every other time you wash.

Get out of the heat

As comforting as it may be to blow dry your hair on a chilly morning, do everything possible to stay away from any and all heat styling products. However, be diligent not to leave the house with wet hair as in sub-freezing temperatures your hair can actually freeze solid and break off! If you need to use a hot tool, don’t forget to invest in a trusty heat protectant spray.

Hair coloring

As much as you love your professional hair coloring, it can be quite drying on your hair. Consider going a few extra weeks between colors to really let your hair shine, as this will give it time to reseal the cuticle. If you do want to change your hairdo, look to see if your local beauty salons offer hair extensions. Not only are they chemical-free, they will give you a whole new look in just a few hours.

Keep the static at bay

Sick of hair that can’t seem to handle itself during the wintertime? Little did you know that an easy fix to wintertime static is most likely already in your home — dryer sheets! A quick swipe of an unscented sheet will calm all your staticky woes.

A good 58% of women admit they are planning to change their current style in the near future, so come on down and our professionals will fix your winter hair in no time!