wedding beauty salonOne of the most important things to a bride on her weddings day is having the right dress followed by the perfect hairstyle. Since it is already the bride’s special day, it is important for her to stand out as well as look and feel her very best. For this reason, the United States has over 210,000 beauty salons to make her feel like the queen she already is.

With wedding season just around the corner, brides all over the country will be visiting wedding beauty salons to test the latest hair trends, including Brazilian blowout services and more to find the perfect look. To help you decide on a look to bring on your trip to wedding beauty salons in Indianapolis, here are some tips for making the most out of your style.

Add textures and waves to either your hair or the bridesmaids to create a casual, carefree look. Loose, textured waves with some pieces pinned up or even a twisted braid is a great alternative to the traditional updo. This style also compliments ethereal-style dresses giving them a more feminine appeal.

Add some color and personality with accessories. Flower accents are a great way to add a romantic twist on a classic bridal style. Mix something old with something new with this modern touch on a timeless style.

Skip the complicated styles and stick to something more simple. It has been said that simple is the new luxury and this is true for the current trends in bridal hair. We are moving back to more classic styles like the French twist with a modern flare. Now, brides can be seen sporting messy, soft French twists that are still elegant and timeless.

Many brides are choosing to match their hairstyles to the theme of their wedding. Styles that reflect the dress, the venue, and the overall joy of the event are currently trending in the bridal world today. If your theme is purple and gold, add some purple and gold accents to your style and tie everything together.

Hair is important to just about any woman, whether they admit it or not. Whether they are looking to try something new or celebrating an occasion, 58% of women plan on changing their current hairstyle at some point in the future. In fact, 25% of women change their hair in order to “reinvent” themselves. Connect with wedding beauty salons in Indianapolis to help enhance the beauty you already have and remind him why you chose him.