Brazilian Blow Out

Specialty Services

Brazilian Blowout/Keratin Treatment:

Do you struggle with a flat iron on a daily basis? Do you crave smooth, silky, shiny hair? Our Brazilian Blowout Indianapolis experts have the solution you have been looking for. The Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment is the most effective and safe smoothing treatment in the world. Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, these treatments actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The Brazilian Treatment does not damage color-processed or lightened hair. Instead, it works to smooth and hydrate the hairs cuticles, leaving it soft and shiny. The treatment takes approximately 2-4 hours, depending on the length and thickness of your hair, but it lasts for 3-6 months. Splash Salon also offers Brazilian Blowout’s Acai aftercare products, so that you can ensure the longevity of your Brazilian service.

Great Lengths Extensions:

After thoroughly researching the ins and outs of professional hair extensions, Splash Salon invested their trust into the top extension line in the world, Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Great Lengths uses only 100% human hair of the highest quality. Great Lengths Extensions use a patented system called modulating, which pre-bonds the hair to ensure easy application and lasting results. The part of the extension which is attached to your natural hair is made up of protein polymer chains similar to the molecular structure of your hair. These protein based bonds ensure that with proper maintenance, your hair will not be damaged during the extension process. At Splash Salon, our Great Lengths Extension specialists take the time to consult with you on your needs and wants. Whether you are looking for fuller hair or length, we can ensure that your extension experience will be that of excellence.
great lengths

Kerastase Treatment:

At Splash Salon we recognize that each individual has a variety of hair dilemmas. We offer tailor-made treatments by Kerastase to target any issues you may be facing. The unique art of the Kerastase Fusio-dose treatment brings out your hair’s inner radiance. These in-salon ritual treatments include a one on one consultation and hair diagnostic conducted by one of our many haircare professionals, for a truly customized and unique service. From keeping color radiant and shine brilliant to strengthening sensitized ends and repairing damaged lengths, these tailor made miracle viles are simple weapons for giving hair life, instantly.

Malibu Treatment:

Sometimes between lightening services, you will notice your blonde hair isn’t as quite bright and shiny as it was when you walked out of the salon. The Malibu treatment is a great way to maintain your blonde glow between lightening services. This wellness treatment offered at Splash Salon transforms tone, texture, vibrancy and strength of hair. The Malibu’s patented blend of antioxidant vitamin crystals activate into a gel. This gel draws out malicious mineral deposits, chlorine and other impurities from the hair and scalp, which can sometimes give lightened hair an ashy or rust tone.


From the moment you answered yes to the man of your dreams, your every thought has revolved around the fantasy of your ideal wedding. Splash Salon’s Bridal Consultant specializes in making sure your all of your beauty needs are met on your special day. We offer a variety of special packaging prices so that you can be sure your entire wedding party is taken care of. From elegant, classic creations to exciting and edgy looks, our Bridal Consultant will use her expertise to ensure you walk out feeling and looking like the princess you are.

Goldwell Hair Color:

Splash Salon’s dedication to Color Perfection has influenced it’s decision to use Goldwell Professional Hair Color. Subtle toning, expressive fashion effects or permanent color creations: GOLDWELL color products are tailored to meet every client’s desire – with supremely reliable and long lasting results and the best possible care for hair. For over 60 years GOLDWELL has been established as an exclusive partner to professional hairdressers. Splash Salon’s Designers are heavily trained by Goldwell Professional Educators so that they can benefit from their experience, their know-how, their passion for color as well as their intelligent products and innovative technologies, which deliver optimum results coupled with the best possible care for the hair. Explore the endless possibilities for your hair color here at Splash Hair Salon.