(Owner, Master Hair Designer,
Hair Loss Specialist, Extension Specialist )

With over thirty years of experience and a top of the line European Education, Jacqueline believes the three key factors in setting up a guest for success are aptness, precision and consistency. From her personal achievements to her professional work, Jacqueline strives for quality and perfection. As Beauty Influencers in a changing industry, Jacqueline believes it is our responsibility to stay up to date and on trend through education and training.

Due to her high standard of education, Jacqueline takes it upon herself to continuously participate in advanced training. For years, Jacqueline found much success as a Master Colorist and Precision Cutter. She has also mastered the art of extensions including Habit Hand Tied Hair Extensions, Great Lengths Bonded Extensions and Tape In Extensions. Offering hair extensions as one of her specialty services, Jacqueline developed a strong background in dealing with guests who have fine hair or thinning hair. She is now a licensed Hair Trichologist, specializing in Hair Restoration. Jacqueline sought out alternative long-term options for her guests including Low Light Level Laser Therapy and XTC Treatment Programs.



(Partner, Designer,
Makeup Artist, Lash and Brow Artist)

Anecia is a visionary hair designer. She combines the ideas of her guests with her own artistic vision to create a look that enhances their appearance and softens their features. Naturally progressive in her personal style, Anecia is influenced by art, fashion and trends. She strives to give each guest a result that compliments their skin tone, personality and lifestyle.

Raised by an Artist in Orange County California, Anecia became very familiar with Mixing Color and Painting. She realizes that Art and Fashion directly influence the culture of the Beauty Industry. Now, as a Hair Designer, she uses her inherited skills as a painter to hand-paint highlights and transition guests from dark to light palettes.

With a background in makeup and hair, Anecia is also our Bridal Specialist and Lash and Brow Artist. She is now offering 3D Feathered Brows, also known as Microblading, and the Elleebana LashLift.




Loren is a systematic hair designer. Her in depth consultations allow her to dissect your hair and the concerns you may have for your hair. She then aims to resolve any of these complications, while also creating a personalized and uniform hair design.

Loren’s ability to create a flattering, yet functional hair style, allows her to truly offer a customized experience for each of her guests. Guests appreciate and value her attention to detail and her readiness to create contrasting designs with each visit. Her skills and time management have made her a very successful hair designer thus far.



(Designer – Makeup Artist)

Nicole aims to create dimension, reflection, and personality in the custom hair color she creates for her guests. She encourages her guests to take risks but understands the importance of working within their boundaries. Whether she is creating a soft, natural silhouette or a vibrant fashion color, Nicole has the knowledge and the skill to bring hair back to life.

Driven by her passion for education, Nicole believes her purpose is to educate the guest and provide them with solutions for their concerns. Hair is a partnership between the Designer and the guest and only with both sides working together can you achieve the hair you desire.

Nicole takes much pleasure from being able to add some vibrancy to the lives of her clients. Whether through conversation or technique, Nicole is sure to brighten up the way you feel when you walk out of Splash Hair Salon.




Michael believes Individual care and attention will create a comfortable atmosphere allowing the guest to openly express their ideas and concerns. He focuses on building a relationship with each guest and grasping a clear understanding of their boundaries and needs. If a guest does not know what they want, they always know what they don’t want.

Michael aims to consistently deliver a VIP experience for each guest. After just one visit, he will have you coming back for the Michael Experience.



(Salon Manager, Designer)

From her smile to her likable personality, Caitlin has become a Splash Salon staple. Immediately we saw her potential, not only as a Designer but as our Salon Manager. Caitlin is committed to helping us lead our team to success and it shows in her actions and demeanor.

Caitlin has a genuine love for this industry and for people in general. To her, the beauty industry is all about improving the lives of those around her. She realizes the direct influence her guests will have on her growing her business. If you feel and look good, you make her look even better as your Hair Designer. Caitlin is ready and willing to help you find the perfect Design for your hair.




Her last name says it all, Hair is her passion. Maddi has always had a creative side to her personality. She found an outlet for her artistic pulse through the beauty industry. After starting her journey as a Hair Designer, she fell in love with the art of braiding and has since trained herself in various styling structures.

Maddi continues to push for excellence. She is taking full advantage of her time at Aveda and advanced training within Splash Salon. She strives to be a versatile hair designer.