(Owner – Master Colorist
& Extension Specialist)

With over thirty years of experience and a top of the line European Training, Jacqueline is one of Indy’s most sought out Master Designers. She is certain that the foundation for everything we do as Designers stems from Education. It is not only our responsibility as professionals to educate ourselves, but it is also our responsibility to educate our clients. Her specialties include: Color Corrections, Hair Extensions, Damaged Hair, Hair Loss and Rejuvenation.

Dually licensed as a professional Trichologist, Jacqueline is passionate about finding solutions for Hair Loss and Hair thinning. With the use of tools and products like our Low Level Light Therapy, XTC Products and Growth Factor G6, Jacqueline is able to create a customized treatment plan for each guest to ensure a successful outcome.



(Brow & Makeup
Artist – Designer)

Naturally progressive in her personal style, Anecia is motivated by the influence of culture and fashion. She enjoys combining the ideas of her guests with her own artistic vision to create a personalized transformation. For her, hair should evolve with each visit. Even small shifts in tone value and placement can create excitement and curiosity.

Originally a makeup artist from California now living in the Midwest, Anecia has developed the ability to cater to a variety of personalities. Through her experiences, she has learned that most people do not even know their potential until someone shows them. She firmly believes that it is her job to educate you so that you have the ability to be the best version of yourself every day, if you choose.




Loren is a systematic hair designer. Her in depth consultations allow her to dissect your hair and the concerns you may have for your hair. She then aims to resolve any of these complications, while also creating a personalized and uniform hair design.

Loren’s ability to create a flattering, yet functional hair style, allows her to truly offer a customized experience for each of her guests. Guests appreciate and value her attention to detail and her readiness to create contrasting designs with each visit. Her skills and time management have made her a very successful hair designer thus far.



(Designer – Makeup Artist)

Nicole aims to create dimension, reflection, and personality in the custom hair color she creates for her guests. She encourages her guests to take risks but understands the importance of working within their boundaries. Whether she is creating a soft, natural silhouette or a vibrant fashion color, Nicole has the knowledge and the skill to bring hair back to life.

Driven by her passion for education, Nicole believes her purpose is to educate the guest and provide them with solutions for their concerns. Hair is a partnership between the Designer and the guest and only with both sides working together can you achieve the hair you desire.

Nicole takes much pleasure from being able to add some vibrancy to the lives of her clients. Whether through conversation or technique, Nicole is sure to brighten up the way you feel when you walk out of Splash Hair Salon.




Michael believes Individual care and attention will create a comfortable atmosphere allowing the guest to openly express their ideas and concerns. He focuses on building a relationship with each guest and grasping a clear understanding of their boundaries and needs. If a guest does not know what they want, they always know what they don’t want.

Michael aims to consistently deliver a VIP experience for each guest. After just one visit, he will have you coming back for the Michael Experience.



(Future Splash Hair Stylist)

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