indianapolis hair salonsIndianapolis hair salons, and indeed hair salons all over the country, see women come in for all sorts of reasons. What motivating factors are driving women to visit their salon? Below are some of the most cited reasons why the ladies are having cosmetic work done. Note that these trends account for more than just Indianapolis hair salons, and encompass survey responses from all over the country. When finding a makeup artist, Indianapolis residents can typically expect similar answers.

  • Beauty salons report that 58% of women surveyed admitted they were planning on changing their hairstyle in the near future as a matter of regularity. In other words — because it’s overdue!
  • Around 56% of women claimed they prefer to seek the advice of their hairdresser or cosmetologist about an idea they have pertaining to their appearance.
  • One of the most interesting reasons on the list is this — 44% of women changed their hairstyle or color at least once in their lives out of sheer boredom.
  • Reinventing oneself was found to be a popular motivator, as over 25% of women surveyed claimed that this was something that brought them into the salon at least once in their lives.
  • 50% of surveyed women who visit salons will go at least once per month for regular upkeep on their looks. The amount of money spent on services and treatments increased 14% or so when this trend first started to really catch on around 2007. Compare this to Spanish women, where the typical cost of a visit to the spa or salon is close to $200 a pop.
  • Also in 2007, the amount of facials, massages, and manicures and pedicures increased by 50%, 38%, and 28% respectively, making them huge favorites for the ladies.
  • About 38% of surveyed women claimed that they wanted to feel more confident about their appearance and feel more attractive to the opposite sex.

Whatever the reason, women love going to the salon. Whether it’s to feel more confident, reinvent themselves, or simply because they’re bored, there’s always time for a trip to the salon. Beauty salons in Indianapolis won’t judge you for stopping by out of boredom! Feel free to share your reasons for visiting yourself!