hair coloringAs the seasons change, many women decide to color their hair. When asked, 69% of women said they feel more attractive after visiting a professional hair coloring salon, which isn’t a surprise, as many women go to the salon just for a change. Hair coloring is a full-time accessory that can help you liven up your look if you’re starting to feel a little bland.

When choosing a hair color, many women will expect exact results, just like they see in a magazine or online. The reality is, however, that everybody’s different — and so everyone’s hair color will look different. To get an ideal hair color, there are lots of things to take into consideration:

Natural hair color
If you’re a brunette, it’s impossible to go to platinum blonde in one sitting. While artificial hair color will be more saturated when applied to lighter hair colors, don’t rule out a dramatic change just because you have darker hair. Dark hair can be treated with a lightener, which pulls the color out of your natural hair. To go for a natural look that gradually becomes more dramatic, consider ombre or balayage. These techniques can give you immediate results that you can play with as you go.

Skin tone
While we know that skin colors vary across individuals, the undertones in our skin can give us warmer or cooler looks. Cool-toned skin has pink or green undertones, while warm-toned skin will have more reds or golds. If you have a combination of these colors, you’re probably a neutral, which means that you can go either way when you color your hair.

As a rule of thumb, cool skin tones look best with warmer hair colors and vice versa. This prevents an individual from looking completely washed out.

Those with neutral toned skin can go either way, but try playing around with both high and low-lights to give some variety.

Hues and shades
There are many different shades of blonde hair, and the same goes for brown, red, and even black. If you’re considering hair coloring, you can’t just tell your stylist “make me a blonde!” Specify how light or dark you want it, or even bring in a picture. There’s a difference between jet black and a dark blue-black. Don’t be afraid to talk to stylists from local beauty salons to see what they think would look best on you.

The most important thing to remember is that you should always see a professional when you decide to color your hair. Professional stylists have the training and right products to make sure that you are satisfied with your hair by the end of your treatment.

The experts at Splash Hair Salon can customize the perfect color to flatter any customer.