<img class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-1898″ src=”http://splashhairsalon.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/beautysalons-300×200.jpg” alt=”beauty salons” width=”300″ height=”200″ />The ladies in our lives like to have fun with their hair. It’s just a matter of fact. From frequent style changes to color changes to all out transformations, women are notorious for taking great care of their hair and wearing beautiful, vibrant hair styles.

Recent studies seek to understand what makes some women want to change their hairstyles so often. As it turns out, there really isn’t one solid reason for it. There are a ton of them.

Below are some fast facts on the subject. Keep in mind that multiple women were asked multiple questions, so these percentages are not necessarily going to add up to a total of 100%, but rather reflect how many women gave a certain answer out of the total amount. So, by the numbers, what are women’s biggest reasons for heading to the <a href=”http://splashhairsalon.com”>beauty salons</a> in droves? The results of the Makeup Artist Indianapolis survey are below.
<li>61% of women stated that they have, at least once, changed their hairstyle simple because they felt it was time for a change.</li>
<li>25% of women stated that they have changed their hairstyle in order to reinvent their look.</li>
<li>38% of women changed their hairstyle at some point in order to feel more confident in their appearance.</li>
<li>44% of women have changed their hairstyle at least once purely because they were bored.</li>
<li>Around 75% of women claim that they have regretted one of their hairstyles.</li>
<li>58% of these women said that they were planning on changing their hair color or style in the near future.</li>
<li>69% of women have claimed that they feel more attractive after having a style change.</li>
Some of those numbers may seem a little shocking. The statistic about how many women have altered their hairstyle based on boredom alone may be a particularly shocking realization for many. It’s true though!

If you are in the Indianapolis area or have spent your fair share of time inside of Indianapolis hair salons, these statistics are probably a little less harrowing. Beauty salons in Indianapolis are particularly busy most of the time — the ladies there love their hair styles!