hair coloringAutumn is in full swing and the seasonal change means it may be time for a hair change as well. If you’re itching to do something a little different for the coming months, opting for a brand new hue can be just the ticket. Something as simple as hair coloring can transform your entire look and make you feel fresh just in time for fall. From the outlandish to the subtle, here are three gorgeous color ideas to bring to your hair stylist this season.

  1. Rose gold

    “Millennial pink” is definitely having a moment, and this subtle pinky-gold is a must for ethereal social media lovers. While it may not be for the faint of heart, this faint shade will be sure to tickle you pink if you’re a fan of pastels. And celebrities like Kylie Jenner have shown that you don’t have to be totally twee to rock this tone.

  2. Chocolate balayage

    The conventional dark-to-light ombre effect isn’t quite as cutting-edge as it once was, but a more subtle take is now all the rage. And since dark brown is the hair coloring choice for 56% of women, this is one that has mass appeal. If you want something warm with a pinch of contemporary flair, head to your local hair salon and ask for a delicate ombre or balayage that fades your dark roots to a rich chocolate brown towards the tips. Salma Hayek wears this effect to perfection, if you want some hair dresser inspiration.

  3. Terra cotta

    Think you can’t pull off red hair? Think again. Red hair coloring isn’t just for the fair and freckled. You can be a ginger in your own right by making the switch to a terra cotta, auburn, or copper that suits your skin tone and features. Just make sure your hair dressers are also highly experienced colorists who can determine your ideal shade. This beautiful tone will take you well through the fall and winter.

When you want a fresh new look, sometimes all you need is to think in technicolor — and outside the conventional (hair color) box. Just be sure to visit your stylist when you’re dy(e)ing for some colorful tresses to avoid a coloring disaster of epic proportions.