premiere beauty salonsMany women feel that long, luxurious locks are a sign of youth and beauty. If a client is too impatient to grow out a short haircut or simply wants to make her style more versatile, hair extensions are typically a great option for adding length and thickness. Since 58% of women say they plan to change their current hairstyle in the near future, some customers will seek out hair extension services for a low-commitment solution. But there are also a lot of myths that surround hair extensions and the premiere beauty salons that provide these services. We’re debunking five of them below.

MYTH: Extensions will damage my hair

Truth: As long as the extensions are high-quality, are applied by qualified stylist at premiere beauty salons, and are cared for properly, hair extensions should not damage your hair. Great Lengths extensions, for example, all have quality certifications that ensure both the materials and methods used won’t result in breakage. Keep in mind that extensions are not for permanent wear; giving your hair a break is important for the health of your tresses. But as long as you seek out a reputable stylist and care for your extensions according to instructions, your hair won’t become weaker or damaged.

MYTH: Hair extensions are just for those who want extremely long hair

Truth: While some clients will go to a hair extension salon for the purpose of getting that mermaid vibe, that’s not the only reason to get extensions — not by a long shot. Extensions can be used to add just a little bit of length when you’re growing out a cut or to obtain extra volume without adding any length at all. They can also be used to add color and dimension. You might think “Rapunzel” when you picture extensions, but they can be used in many more ways than you realize.

MYTH: Extensions are always obvious to the eye

Truth: If a stylist uses poor quality extensions or doesn’t apply them properly, you may be able to clock them from a mile away. But the staff at premiere beauty salons are well-trained and use only the finest extensions available. Done right, you’ll never be able to spot the difference.

MYTH: You can’t style extensions the same way as you do your real hair

Truth: Your stylist should use extensions made of real human hair, rather than synthetic materials. Therefore, you can use the same styling tools (like straighteners and curling irons) as you always do in your daily routine. As long as you don’t pull on your extensions, use a thermal heat spray, and make sure to give your hair a styling break every so often, feel free to style as you normally would.

MYTH: Extensions will keep my own hair from growing

Truth: This one is completely false. Extensions won’t affect your hair growth rate whatsoever. In fact, they’re often the best interim solution for those who want to grow out their hair but don’t have the patience for that annoying in-between stage. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you may need to have the extensions redone to ensure they look natural during this process. But they definitely won’t keep your hair from growing!

Don’t let misinformation about hair extensions keep you from obtaining the look you’ve always wanted. Just make sure that if you do pursue hair extensions, you visit a salon that specializes in extension application. That way, your tresses will always look their best.